Best GoPro Mount for Snowboarding and Skiing in 2018

Best GoPro Mount for Snowboarding gives you the ability to shoot videos of yourself and your friends during the riding expeditions. Maximum coverage, shock-proof construction, compact design, easy mountable parts, custom shooting angles, hands-free experience, first-person viewing effects, coverage depth and video clarity are some of the most attractive features of the mount.

Various types of mounts from GoPro can be attached to helmet, chest, suction cup, pole handle, wrist, tripod, and head-strip etc according to your convenience. The mounts work efficiently due to their design and construction mechanism with the accessories.

Top Best GoPro Mount For Snowboarding and Skiing List from Amazon

#3. GoPro 3 Way Mount Tripod for Camera Review

Selection Criteria

GoPro 3 Way Mount Tripod for Camera finds its way to the top 3 section of the mounts due to its flexibility, coverage angle, lightweight, portability and the ability to mount multiple types of small and medium-size cameras on the go. Moreover, the device is designed to overcome all the problems stated below that may occur with the other brands of mounts.

Brief Description

GoPro 3 Way Mount Tripod for Camera has a flexible arm with detachable connectors. The installation of the miniature tripod within the handle makes the device versatile and safe. The thumb screws and extendible handles can cover 360-degrees with ease.

Stated Benefits

Mount is lightweight with high flexibility and safety gadgets. You can capture selfie and other videos and images with ease.


  • 360-degrees coverage.
  • Continuous shooting option at low and medium speeds.
  • Multiple utilities as a stationary tripod.
  • Snow and Water-Proof.


  • Efficiency depends on the ability of the user.
  • It is prone to vibrations when the user doesn’t know the basic techniques of handling.

#2. PolarPro StrapMount Backpack Camera Mount Review

Selection Criteria

The GoPro Backpack Camera Mount has made its way into the top 3 products because of its flexibility to fit into the backpack, portability and 360-degree rotation and hands-free operation.

Brief Description

The GoPro Backpack Camera Mount has an extendible and a flexible arm that provides stability and strength to the knob holding the camera unit. The holder is secure for the camera as it covers the camera complete with a firm grip. The knob can rotate 360-degrees and the sides to give you maximum coverage.

Stated Benefits

You can literally carry it with our backpack to any heights with no hesitation. It has a waterproof cover with strong pole and flexible arm.


  • Hands-free Operation
  • 360-degrees Rotation
  • Lightweight and Portability.


  • No remote control.

#1. GoPro Helmet Front Mount Review

Selection Criteria

The GoPro Helmet Front Mount has made its way into the top 3 products because of its shock and vibration proof installation, ability to cover a wider range, stability, and protection from weather elements.

Brief Description

It is available with a sticky pad and screw mount options. The compact mount can hold the camera securely in place at high speeds.

State Benefits

You can shoot all your adventurous actions on the snowboard with absolute freedom. The hands-free device works with all types of compatible camera with ease.


  • hands-free action
  • Safety and Security


  • 360-degree rotation not possible.

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Best GoPro Mounts Buying Guide

This buying guide for GoPro mounts covers some of the most widely used types and their key features to be considered while buying. You need to know the exact purpose of using the mount before taking any step at all.

For example, your goal could be fun and entertainment for your family, training videos, tourism videos, adventure videos, documentary etc.

Once the purpose is established, you need to think of the coverage options. What are the objects and places you wish to cover in your video? Do you wish to include yourself as a presenter or you wish to stay off the camera? What is the maximum coverage angle you wish to have? Do you wish to shoot while riding or being stationary, or both?

What is the duration of each clip? Do you wish to include HD video with high-quality audio? Do you wish to record the sound naturally or wish to record it at a later stage (while editing)? These are some of the basic questions you need to ask and answer while taking a decision on buying.

#1. Coverage Range

Coverage range is one of the key elements you need to consider while buying the GoPro mounts.

#2. Helmet Mount

The helmet front mount can give you maximum coverage of 180-degrees. The equipment is light in weight and gets attached with the help of a sticky medium or screw assembly. The screw option may be complex to install, but it can work with zero vibrations and it is fixed to the helmet so it won’t come off.

Opting for the helmet top camera mount can give you 360-degrees coverage. The advantage with the helmet mount is you don’t need to view what you are shooting as the camera sees exactly what your eyes covered.

Of course, you will need a GoPro smart remote to control the movement of the mount at varying angles. Opting for the side mount may restrict the angle of coverage.

But you can use it when you wish to focus on the specific objects or a limited coverage angle with precision shooting.

#3. Pole Mount

The pole handle mount can give you the best coverage for the external objects and yourself to be included. The 3-way mount is an excellent example of the maximum coverage with extendible length.

But your hands need to have good control over the device while moving at high speeds. The probability of vibrations during shooting could be high if you are not familiar with the basic mechanics of handling the pole. The obvious advantage is the POV footage.

#4. Chest Mount

The chest mount camera can have the maximum coverage options of 90+degrees on the vertical and horizontal directions. The probability of covering your own arms and shoulders in the footages is high unless you are a skilled cameraman who knows the art of using your device.

The chest mount is recommended for adventure and sporting action. It gives you the first person views with a good field of view and accurate directional orientation.

#5. Shoulder Mount

The shoulder harness mount has zero bouncing effect while shooting. The usage of straps for the mount increases the stability of the device and the camera. It gives you the freedom to be a part of the action on the scene and generate first person view and smooth cam effects.

There are two types of shoulder mounts, namely the straight and the offset mount. If you are using a DSLR camera, the offset mount is considered to be the best choice. It can also be helpful for cameras with viewfinder options. The shoulder mount with rail support can work under most of the shooting angles to give you the best coverage options.

But the shoulder mount may not be as good as the helmet mount when you wish to cover 36-degrees for your footages.

#6. Wrist Mount

The first benefit of the wrist mount camera is its 360-degree coverage. You can use the mount on a wrist strap that is unshakable. Hence the probability of vibrations is near to zero. You can use compact cameras on the mount and shoot micro size footages to perfection. It gives a good grip on the camera for maximum safety.

But you may not be able to use the mount to cover the actions behind your back as effectively as the helmet mount.

#7. Suction-Cup Mount

The mount goes directly onto the snowboard. It is a great device to shoot the footages of jumping, rolling and turning actions on the go. In fact, you can cover all the actions you can perform with the snowboard in first person view.

But you need to decide the exact position to place the mount for getting the maximum coverage. The low point of view device is designed to cover 360-degrees.

#8. Back-pack Mount

The GoPro backpack mount comes with an extended pole and a cross-sectional arm. The camera holder is mounted on a knob that can rotate 360-degrees. You can also point the knob to the sides at variable angles. The stability of the extended pole makes the video footages free from all types of vibrations and distortions.

Common Mount Problems and Solutions

#1. Vibration Problems
Vibration seems to be the main problem faced during snowboarding video shooting. It neutralizes the most efficient mounted cameras and renders the footages bad. Pole handle mounted cameras seem to suffer the most in this process. The quality of the accessories and their compatibility with the main mount could be another cause for the poor video footages. GoPro Solution: The GoPro pole handle mount is capable of solving your problem in an economical and efficient manner. The design and the construction of the mount perfectly absorb all the vibrations generated from the uneven surfaces of snowboarding landscapes. The result is an evenly balanced footage that you can shoot and edit without any hassles.
#2. Poor Coverage
Poor coverage is caused by the inflexible mounts, obstacles in front of the mount, position of the mount and mounting angle restrictions etc. GoPro Solution: GoPro mounts have been designed to offer complete flexibility and vast mounting options. You can vary the mounting angle dynamically while keeping the camera safely bound to the base. The designers have taken maximum care to avoid any obstacles like the protective shields obstructing the wide range view of the camera. It obviously doesn’t mean the safety and security of the camera have been compromised. The designs of the GoPro mounts have evolved with technology to make the protective shields compact and non-obstructive.
#3. Equipment Weight
The heavy weight of the mounting can often reduce the effectiveness of the coverage. The snowboard riders tend to slow down their speed or use external help for shooting the videos. This approach reduces the coverage effects and the quality of videos considerably. GoPro Solution: The GoPro mounts are designed for ultra lightweight and tensile strength. The designers have meticulously planned the accessories, parts, and fixtures to fit in perfectly with the mount. Flexibility, ease of use, weather resistance and customized settings make your shooting experience simple and streamlined.
#4. Incompatible Parts
Many of the traditional mounts have incompatible parts due to the rigid design. Non-extendible parts make it difficult to add extra accessories. You may have to discard the mount due to non-availability of the parts also. Hence, the maintenance of mount becomes either impossible or expensive. GoPro Solution: GoPro mounts have the best supply of compatible accessories. They are designed to last longer and work under extreme weather conditions. You can easily replace any micro and macro parts of the mount when the experience breakdown. Simple maintenance procedures make the GoPro mounts the most in-demand products in the market today.


The GoPro Helmet Front Mount is the mount I recommend for the hobby, amateur and professional snowboarders for accuracy and hands-free shooting experience. Check out for the compatibility of the GoPro remote device to get the most effective shooting experience.