Chamonix Snowboard Reviews 2024: Top Boards for All Riding Styles

When it comes to high-performance snowboards built for riders of all skill levels, Chamonix consistently delivers. The Utah-based snowboard manufacturer has been engineering innovative and durable boards since 2005.

As we head into the 2024 snow season, Chamonix has once again released an impressive lineup of new snowboards featuring the latest technology to improve speed, stability, and response.

In this in-depth review article, we’ll be analyzing and reviewing the top Chamonix snowboard models for 2024 to suit different riding styles and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first board, an intermediate rider wanting an all-mountain cruiser, or an advanced freestyler needing a technical park board, Chamonix has fantastic options.

Let’s take a detailed look at what riders can expect from Chamonix’s 2024 snowboards:

Overview of Chamonix Snowboard Models for 2024

Chamonix categorizes its extensive range of snowboard models by all-mountain, freeride, freestyle, and split board options. Within each category are boards specially constructed for men, women, and youth.

Here is an overview of the top models available in 2024 from Chamonix across styles:


  • Bella – women’s directional twin
  • Cruise – men’s true twin
  • Explorer – men’s directional twin
  • Maverick – men’s true twin
  • Bold – women’s true twin
  • Pioneer – men’s directional
  • Weston Range – men’s wide directional


  • Summit – men’s directional twin
  • Peak – men’s stiff directional twin
  • Backcountry – men’s tapered directional
  • Outback – men’s tapered directional
  • Alpine – men’s tapered directional
  • Frontier – women’s tapered directional


  • Park – true twin park board
  • Jib – soft true twin for jibbing
  • Street Rail – men’s true twin soft jibber
  • Method – men’s twin park board
  • Session – women’s Twin Park board


  • Backcountry Split – men’s splitboard
  • Couloir Split – men’s splitboard
  • Glide Split – women’s splitboard
  • Slide Split – men’s splitboard

Now that we’ve outlined Chamonix’s extensive selection of boards, let’s dive into detailed reviews of some of the top models this 2024 season.

Chamonix Explorer Snowboard Review

Chamonix Snowboard

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Rider Style: All-Mountain Freestyle

Flex: Medium (5/10)

Profile: Directional Twin

The Explorer has been one of Chamonix’s most popular all-mountain models over the years, and for good reason. This board is nimble, stable, and versatile enough to tackle the whole mountain with confidence.

The directional twin shape features a slightly tapered nose that allows the board to smoothly glide through powder and float in deeper snow. It maintains a twin design to handle switch riding.

For 2024, they’ve added Quick Tune sidewalls featuring strategically placed holes that fine-tune vibration absorption for greater response and speed.

The profile combines early rise in the nose with mild camber underfoot. This improves float and stability while maintaining pop and snap on jumps.

Built with a Aspen/Paulownia wood core, Triax glassing and ABS sidewalls, the Explorer has a medium flex that balances control with playfulness. The sintered base provides speedy acceleration.

Who It’s For: Intermediate to advanced riders looking for an aggressive all-mountain deck that can charge through anything but still hit jumps with snap.

The Ride: Powerful, responsive and versatile across varied terrain and snow conditions.

Chamonix Frontier Snowboard Review

Skill Level: Advanced to Expert

Rider Style: Freeride

Flex: Stiff (8/10)

Profile: Tapered Directional

Designed for hard-charging female riders who push the limits, the Frontier excels at high-speed runs and aggressive freeriding. Its tapered directional shape features a lifted nose to plow through crud and float atop powder.

It’s built on a Bi-Ax Triax glassing system with carbon stringers for serious snap and ollie power. The Ultra Armor topsheet withstands freeriding punishment while the HRZ 4000 sintered base handles high speeds with stability.

At its core is a strong Paulownia wood core reinforced with super light cork to dampen vibrations. Combined with the extra stiff flex, this board charges directly through uneven and variable terrain with precision. The mellow magne-traction serrated edges increase edge-hold on hardpack and ice.

Who It’s For: Expert level female riders who want endless stability bombing steep lines and stomping big features at high speeds.

The Ride: Ultra-charging, hard-hitting performance designed to devour aggressive terrain and monster kickers.

Chamonix Bella Snowboard Review

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Rider Style: All-Mountain

Flex: Medium Soft (4/10)

Profile: Directional Twin

The Bella is Chamonix’s women’s-specific all-mountain snowboard aimed at developing riders looking for a versatile deck to progress with.

It features a directional twin shape with a tapered nose to allow easy turn initiation and float. The mild camber profile maintains catch-free lift between the feet while providing stability for landing small hits.

A poplar wood core reinforced with Bi-Ax laminates generates forgiving yet responsive flex. The extruded base requires minimal maintenance, perfect for beginners.

Magne-traction edges help riders hold an edge on hardpack as skills progress. The top sheet has a lively design with nature graphics many women appreciate.

Who It’s For Beginner to intermediate women looking for a vibrant, easy-riding board to build skills on everything from groomers to powder.

The Ride: A forgiving yet lively ride makes progressing fun and unintimidating across varied terrain.

Chamonix Snowboard
A anowboarder drops in at Les Grands Montets ski area in Argentiere near Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France.

Chamonix Cruise Snowboard Review

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Rider Style: All-Mountain

Flex: Medium (5/10)

Profile: True Twin

Another great choice for progressing beginners, the Cruise features a classic true twin shape for balanced riding in both directions.

It’s constructed with a poplar wood core and fiberglass laminates to generate a smooth medium flex. The extruded base helps new riders focus on turning techniques rather than waxing.

To build confidence, the board has effective edge hold from tip to tail through the mellow magne-traction serration while the AutoTurn rocker profile eases turn initiation and eliminates catchy edges.

The Cruise has a bold graphic design sure to get attention on the slopes.

Who It’s For: Beginner to intermediate riders wanting a durable, confidence-building deck to hone all-mountain skills on.

The Ride: Catch-free and stable ride with solid edge grip inspires progression at every turn.

Chamonix Peak Snowboard Review

Skill Level: Expert

Rider Style: Freeride

Flex: Very Stiff (9/10)

Profile: Directional Twin

When pro-level performance and power matter most, experienced riders turn to the Peak. It’s built to charge the entire mountain with precision and stability at top speeds.

The directional twin shape features a slightly tapered nose with an ample rocker section to stay afloat in deep snow. Mild camber underfoot provides explosive pop off launches and stability at speed.

An ultra-stiff biax glass layup with nose/tail carbon boosters transfers energy into ollie power and shock absorption for the biggest hits. The extruded 7000 sintered base keeps you coasting fast.

Inside is a Poplar wood core reinforced with superlight karuba wood to produce an ultra-stiff yet lively ride