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Best All Mountain Snowboard for Intermediate Reviews 2018 [Must Check]

Best Intermediate Level All Mountain Snowboard is designed with maximum structural stability, enhanced speed and acceleration, flexible take-off, and landing control, and the design to perform carving, green jumps, power runs, 180’s, side-hits and more.

The key snowboard features that you should focus are the core and the base material, edges, overall design, board profile and the camber response. These parameters help in improving your snowboarding skills from the first stages of the intermediate level to the basics of advanced training techniques. The board should have the maximum tensile strength to support your body weight, varying stance on the board, leaning pressure, and the shoe size you wear.

Safety, the center of gravity and mass balancing, tilting and edging angles, timing and intensity control, and support for all mountain terrain landscape are the other features you should consider while selecting the intermediate level snowboard. Once you select the board, you can start your training and practice sessions on it regularly. Here, we present the 8 best All Mountain Snowboard for intermediate for you to choose.

8 Best All Mountain Snowboard for Intermediates Reviews 2018

ModelOur RatingsCheck Lowest Price
Burton Process Off Axis Men’s Snowboard5/5Click Here
Bataleon The Jam 162 Snowboard5/5Click Here
2018 Ride Machete GT 161cm Mens Snowboard4.3/5Click Here
K2 The Cool Bean Snowboard 20184/5Click Here
Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard4.9/5Click Here
DC Men’s Ply Snowboard4.6/5Click Here
Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 Men’s4.5/5Click Here
GNU Billy Goat 2018 Snowboard 1624/5Click Here

#1. Burton Process Off Axis Men’s Snowboard

Burton Process Off Axis Men's 162

Design and Construction

The handmade Mid Wide Burton 162 All Mountain board is cut to the precision shape with edge trimming, durable base material, strong fiberglass parts, and the flexible epoxy. The grain direction of the baseboard and the squeeze-box core design give you the best twin and speed control. The combination of wooden core and the fiberglass exteriors enhance the strength, stability, durability, and flexibility factors of the Burton 162.

The length of the board makes it easy to shift the body weight along the direction of movement and balance your stance simultaneously. Acceleration and deceleration speed is easy to control within the shortest time.


The flat standard camber line is the key factor which improves the turning, body weight distribution, stable stance, and the balancing of the center of gravity while performing actions. The 100% symmetrical twin shape gives you the best options to perform the carving, 180’s extended flexing for the curve. You can control the forward and reverse movements with equal efficiency and also change the takeoff and landing modes dynamically.

The mid-wide width of the Burton 162 gives you the maximum space to balance your body weight along the direction of motion and varying angles of rotation. You don’t lose the grip over the board while trying the multiple tricks on the board.

  • The medium rated longitudinal and torsion flex supports a wide range of maneuverability for the riders with medium and heavy body weight.
  • You can get the optimum level of control over your movements without compromising on speed and style.
  • Designed for park-riders

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#2. Bataleon The Jam 162 Snowboard

Bataleon The Jam 162 SnowboardDesign and Construction

The all mountain TBT design gives the Bataleon the ability to move across multiple types of terrains. The distribution of camber is the most critical aspect which enhances the board efficiency. The positive value at the nose and tail makes it easy to control the speed and direction.

The reverse camber at the center (between the bindings) enables wide stance, better response, and better structural stability. The uplift from the binding to the edges is smooth and even. It makes the float, glide, edge holding, and the ground control highly efficient. Moreover, the connectivity between the center of gravity and the board and your body will be constant throughout.


The All Mountain TBT makes it easy for you to adjust the body posture during forwarding lean, heel-side turn and take-off. You get ample space to rotate your ankle freely while landing and maneuvering without the fear of injuries. You will never lose control over the board while performing the 180’s, carving, turning and the other tricks.

The board’s width and length give you the option to freely change your stance during the motion dynamically. You can switch between front foot and back foot through various angles without the fear of losing the balance. The best part of the Bataleon board is the freedom to experiment with the various snowboarding techniques within the safety zones. The enhanced core strength makes it possible to reach the maximum efficiency in speed and style.

  • All mountain-TBT is the key special feature of the Bataleon.
  • Edge gripping and smooth floating during the maximum speed makes it highly recommended for the intermediate level users.
  • The other features are powder, pop, and forgiveness which will make you want to choose this board.
  • Deep twisting the discs and dynamic turning are some of the other stated features built into the Bataleon The Jam 162 Snowboard.
  • Foot grip over powder float is difficult.

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#3. 2018 Ride Machete GT 161cm Mens Snowboard

2018 Ride Machete GT 161cm Mens SnowboardDesign and Construction

The key design features that differentiate the 2018 Ride Machete GT from the rest are its burst strength, tensile strength, and the flex strength. The manufacturing process has ensured the best combination of core and base materials for the extended durability and maximum performance.

The twin hybrid camber profile gives you the perfect balance between the feel and the rocker effects. The distribution of the hybrid camber line from the tail throughout the body makes it easy for you to perform all the snowboard tricks without losing the balance. Moreover, the true twin shape gives you the perfect balance of the center of gravity between your body and the board.


The sintered base is the springboard from where you can get the maximum speed and the gliding forces to keep your adrenal feeling at the peak. You can travel uphill and downhill with the same level of efficiency, and control. Acceleration and braking efficiency increase manifold with precision measurability.

The sintered base can withstand the maximum volume of shocks and vibrations during the dynamic exercises you perform. So, the probability of injury during the action is reduced to the minimum possible level. The medium flex may make the board slightly stiff, especially at the edges.

But this feature will be helpful in balancing the landing, take-off and the weight supporting features of the 2018 Ride Machete GT.

  • The twin flex of the 2018 Ride Machete GT makes it highly efficient in forward and reverse riding speed and control.
  • Once you set your body into the right stance and get going, it is possible to achieve the maximum acceleration within a few minutes.
  • The ability to side-cut, turn, carve and take off vertically is shaped by the twin hybrid and the true twin shape of the 2018 Ride Machete GT.
  • Medium Flex makes the design not so perfect for high speed actions

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#4. K2 The Cool Bean Snowboard 2018

K2 The Cool Bean Snowboard 2018Design and Construction

The BAP core of the K2 2018 gives the maximum linear stability, real-time response, and the dynamic rocker feeling while riding. The baseline has the twin camber profile with the combination of tweak-end and lifted design at the tip and the tail. The camber line passes right through the board center to elevate the power of turning, carving, cutting and performing the 180’s.

The BAP core is made of 3 distinct layers of materials. The glass lamination increases the board’s torsion. The Ollie bar layer provides the extra pop to the board. The combination of glass, carbon and Kevlar materials for the bar make sit highly durable and load bearing under tough terrain conditions.

The base has a 400-sintered construction. The enhanced bonding between the layers of the base keeps them in one piece without buckling under the maximum load.


The directional board shape gives you the maximum speed and acceleration which you can control to perfection. The rocker effects generated by the board during the height of action make it easy to perform the most complex tricks. Floating on the deep snow areas has never been easier before, thanks to the flex rating of 4X4 and the K2 Directional Rocker technology used in the construction of the board.

  • The K2 2018 is the most recommended snowboard if you wish to experience the maximum rocking effects, float, liveliness, edge hold, and core stability.
  • The snap feature makes it easy for you to Ollie to the maximum heights, perform dynamic turns, and get the maximum of taking-off and landing control.
  • Directional board makes the applications limited.

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#5. Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard

K2 The Cool Bean Snowboard 2018Design and Construction

If you wish to ride the stiffest snowboard for the free-styling rides on the all mountain terrains, the Jones Mountain is the recommended choice. The design used for the MAGNE-TRACTION enhances the edge hold and gives you the maximum board control.

The blunt design of the nose increases the board stiffness to a higher level. You can practically crush through the ice at the maximum speed. The space between your feet on the baseline is designed to produce the maximum torsion flex during the action. This is one factor which enhances the dynamic turning feature of the board.

The design also distributes the body weight evenly around the baseline to keep the turning happen around the board’s center of gravity. If you can keep the right stance on the baseline, the experience of turning, carving, twisting the discs and vertical take-off can give you the maximum rocking effects.


With the advanced design and construction, the 2018 Ride Machete GT gives you the best of forward and reverse movements at the maximum speed and efficiency. The snap and hold feature of the board makes it possible to get the best edge hold, swing weight and float on any snow and ice terrain.

Carving and turning are made simple with the stiff board design. Pressing and floating are the two key features of the board which you can perform to perfection.

  • Stiffness is the specialty of the Jones Mountain which makes it one of the top recommended features of the intermediate snowboard.
  • The board allows you to perform the hardest of operations like the carving, turning and twisting the discs with ease.
  • No significant Cons.

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#6. DC Men's Ply Snowboard

DC Men's Ply Snowboard, MulticolorDesign and Construction

The sleek design of the DC Men's Ply Snowboard gives the best flex and camber effects from the nose to the tail. The core material gives maximum strength and stability to the baseline. The relatively flat nose and the tail design make the board ideal for the multiple-terrain riding.

The standard camber line from the nose to the tail helps in maintaining a constant speed and acceleration on the downhill and flat surfaces. The uphill riding has minimal support in the core design of the board. The overall design parameters make it recommended for the intermediate level trainers in the initial stages.


The DC Men's Ply Snowboard has a fairly limited functionality for the intermediate level users. Performing complex operations like the 180’s, carving, and reverse movement are supported to the basic levels.

However, the speeding and acceleration on the downhill and flat surfaces give you the best chance to improve your control and directional navigation.

Of course, you can also perform certain complex operations like the magic carpet, moguls, and the other maneuvers of the intermediate level. The DC Men's Ply Snowboard can run for long distances with maximum payload without showing the slightest signs of fatigue and stress-related impacts.

  • The strength and endurance are the two special features that make the DC Men’s Ply Snowboard highly durable and resistant to all forms of terrain specific defects.
  • Perfect take-off and landing during the park jumps, straight jumps, and the dynamic turns makes the DC Men’s Ply Snowboard recommended for the intermediate level users.
  • Designed for park and resort riding

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#7. Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 Men's - Best Valued

Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 - Men'sDesign and Construction

The directional design with the longer nose and shorter tail make it easy for you to balance the body weight while leaning and standing on the board. It is easier for you to shift the body balance towards the nose and tail for acceleration and deceleration.

The twin flex design of the board keeps the value evenly distributed from the nose to the tail. The design will allow you to take sharper turns without losing the body balance. The Multi-zone EGD introduced by Burton makes the best of edge-hold, and the responsive design possible.

If your BMI is in the higher range, the Burton 2018 154 will give you the perfect platform for the wide stance and forward leaning options during the motion to increase the speed and acceleration.


Te dragon-fly 600G core is the driving force behind the dynamic speed and acceleration you can experience on the fly. The combination of carbon, fiberglass, and wood at the core carried extra loads of bodyweight without buckling or breaking.

You can control the bending, carving, jumping, accelerating and braking actions to precision. Balancing your body weight during the riding and action performance with the board’s center of gravity is one of the best functional benefits you can enjoy with the Burton 2018 154.

  • The sintered base has the special features of sintered board gives you the maximum speed and acceleration on the flat, downhill, and the uphill terrains.
  • The Multi-zone EGD is another special feature in which the grain alignment along the heel edges as well as the toes is designed to give the maximum edge-hold.
  • No significant Cons

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#8. GNU Billy Goat 2018 Snowboard 162

Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 - Men'sDesign and Construction

The core and the baseline carving makes the GNU Billy Goat 2018 Snowboard one of the toughest among the existing brands. The manufacturing and pressing methods have ensured maximum core stability and material strength to the board.

The board is designed to perfectly work on the resort and back-country terrains to the maximum efficiency. The firm design of the baseline, the nose, and the tail makes the board one of the stiffest and hard working models.

At the same time, it is flexible enough to allow dynamic turns and jumps over inclined planes to perfection. The Camber 3 design and construction of the GNU Billy Goat 2018 make it ideal for all types of terrain riding and freestyle riding.


The core design and construction of the board deliver best acceleration and speed to your Gnu Billy Goat 2018. You can attain the maximum value within the shortest time due to the friction-free design of the baseline.

Balancing the bodyweight and stance over the flat surface could be tough in the initial stage, but practice can improve the performance level. You can perform most of the snowboarding techniques from the carving and turning to the 180’s, and jumping.

  • Power ripper feature allows you to ride on the toughest of terrains with ice and snow.
  • You can float, power-ride, jump and turn with the maximum flexibility.
  • Designed for park and resort riding

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Wrapping It Up!!!

Two of the above listed best All Mountain Snowboard for intermediate users seems to be very close to the professional standards. They are the Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 - Men's 154 and the Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard. But this is not to undermine the versatility and application of the other brands and models and other freeride snowboards.

These two models are very close to the requirements of the intermediate users who wish to be trained to the advanced and professional levels. Working on them could be tough for the intermediate level users in the initial stages. By getting the best trainer it is possible to get a faster control over the functional features.

The Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard gives you the rich features of Mellow-Magne Traction which is a new technology for controlling the edge-hold and board movements to the accurate levels. The Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 has the 600G core that gives the super strength and functional excellence to the board.

However, the Burton Custom X Snowboard 2018 scores due to its multiple features of 600G core construction, durability, and the sintered base design.

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