M3 Snowboards Review 2018 {Best of Millennium Three}

Snowboarding is one of the best sports in the world which includes coming down on descending snow-covered slope while feet of Snowboarder (Rider) is attached to the Snowboard. It is always fun and secure for snowboarding when you have a perfect snowboard which gives safety and comfortability to Rider. Like Snowboards, in this article M3 Snowboards Review.

If we look at Millennium Three brand Snowboards, They are one of the best in the market. In Competition, M3 is small company manufacturing one of the best snowboards.

While Buying Snowboard, You have to keep some things in mind including Price, Durability, Shape, Performance, Width, Length, etc. So if you are looking for Best Snowboard then you are at the right place. I am going to write Review of M3 Snowboards to help you find the Best snowboard from M3 – Millenium Three.

It can be hard to find a good snowboard in your range, So here, I will be listing out different Snowboards available for Men, Women Which I am going to list here with a review.

Features You Should Consider While Buying Snowboard

Well, here are few features of a lot which matters while buying a snowboard.

#1. Durability

One of the most important things you should keep in mind while buying snowboard is the durability of the board. Make sure it lasts more than one season if you are frequent Snowboard Rider. About scratches, Also keep in mind that surface of the board is scratch resistance not fully but in some situations. Otherwise, it will look bad on board if you like to show off.

#2. Price

Price of the snowboard does matter for every people. Make sure while buying cheap snowboards, you are not forgetting about the quality and durability of the board. Because it matters while snowboarding on a large snow-covered slope.

#3. Shape

There are the different shape of snowboards available in the market including, Directional, True Twin, Directional Twin, and Asymmetrical Shaped Snowboards. Directional Shaped snowboards are only meant to be ridden in one direction, while True Twin Shaped boards are meant to be ridden in any direction the rider is comfortable in. Directional Twin Boards has the same size of Tips and Tail. They can be used in both freestyle and all mountain terrain.

#4. Width

The width of the snowboard should be sized correctly as the size of the boots of rider. Because if the size of the boots is larger than the width of snowboard then it can touch outer snow while taking hard turns and it will cause you to fall off the snowboard. So, You should always compare your shoe size with the width of the snowboard.

#5. Length

Length of the snowboard depends upon the height of the Rider’s Body, Way Back, People try to determine the size of comfortable snowboard by Touching the chin to the tip of the board. If it touches then that Snowboard is good for you. If you are planning to do Freeriding then it is better to buy slightly long snowboards. And if you are looking for freestyle snowboards, then consider buying smaller size boards, cause it will be easier to spin and maneuver.

There are other lots of factors which play a great role in buying Snowboards. So do proper research first and then try to buy the Perfect Snowboard for your fit.

Why M3 Snowboards?

#1. Price

M3 Snowboards are very affordable and cheap Snowboards you can get under 200 Dollars.

#2. Durability

The durability of M3 Snowboards is better than other Cheap Low-Quality Snowboards. Millennium focuses on manufacturing low cost and high durable snowboard which is very good for Snowboarders

#3. Learning Curve

For Beginners, Snowboards from M3 are best. You can easily learn snowboarding as they are perfect for beginners.

Below I have listed out great products from Top Best M3 Millennium Three Snowboards.

Top Best Selling M3 Snowboards Review – Which You Can Buy From Amazon

Model Our Ratings Check Lowest Price
Millenium 3 Halo 3 Jr. Girls Snowboard 4.5/5 Click Here
M3 Convoy Men’s Snowboard 4.8/5 Click Here
M3 Discord Snowboard 4.3/5 Click Here
M3 Escape Women’s All Mountain Snowboard 4.3/5 Click Here
M3 Star Junior Snowboard 4.6/5 Click Here
M3 Krystal 4 Snowboard For Women 4/5 Click Here
M3 Halo Snowboard For Women 4/5 Click Here

#1. Millenium 3 Halo 3 Jr. Girls Snowboard

M3 Halo 3 Snowboard is perfect for your little girl, who is learning snowboarding or beginner in snowboard. Halo 3 Snowboard is a Twin Shaped Board which can be ridden in both directions. The Core of the Halo 3 Board is made of Poplar Wood hence it is lightweight and durable. It can be used for All Mountain or Freestyle Snowboarding.

Rocker type of snowboard is Ez Rockr. Core Material used in the board is Poplar Wood and Construction is of Cap Construction Type. For Beginners, It is worth the money. It is also available in two sizes including 135cms and 140cms. Width of This board is 240mm in 130cms

Some Best Features of Millennium Halo 3 Snowboard:

  • Full Poplar Wood Core
  • Standard 4 Hole Pattern
  • One Year Warranty
  • Best for Beginners to Intermediate Level Riders
  • Base Material used is Extruder P-Tex
  • Biaxial Fiberglass

#2. Millenium 3 M3 Convoy Men’s Snowboard

M3 Convoy Snowboards are specially made for Adults. This Board is perfect for Beginners to Intermediate Level Snowboarders. The Core of the Snowboard is made of Poplar Wood with Hardwood Stringers which increases edge response. One thing about the M3 brand is that they don’t spend their money on advertising instead they focus on manufacturing great products. M3 Convoy Snowboard is one of the best snowboard M3 has manufactured.

Here, Construction of this board is of ABS Sidewall also known as Sandwich Construction which allows better transmission power and better overall impact resistance. This snowboard is available in two sizes including 155cms and 158cms. Refer the below link to get more information on Amazon.

Some Best Features of M3 Convoy Snowboard:

  • Sidewall Construction.
  • Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate Adult Snowboarders.
  • Freestyle / Park – Shape.
  • Flexrite Core – Great for All Levels of Riding Ability.
  • Ez Rockr Camber Design Snowboard.


#3. M3 Discord Snowboard

M3 Discord is a freestyle snowboard. It is one of the best and most popular in the M3 Men’s Snowboard catalog. Flexlite Core of the snowboard is an all-around full Poplar core with softer flex which allows easier turning. It is perfectly suitable for the Beginner to Advanced Skilled Snowboarders.

M3 Discord is available in Only one color with Black Base and as of now only available in one size of 155cms. It is not the best snowboard, But within this price range and build quality, it is the best choice for every people.

Some Best Features of M3 Discord Snowboard:

  • Length: 72inch, Width: 12inch, Weight: 9lbs
  • Sixteen Pack Inserts.
  • Full Poplar Wood Core.
  • Bi-Axial Fiber Glass.
  • CAP Construction.
  • CNC Milled Extruded Die Cut Flip-Flop Base


#4. M3 Escape Women’s All Mountain Snowboard

M3 Escape is All Mountain Snowboard is specifically designed for Women. Full Wood Core all around with softer flex for easy turns. M3 Escape is Durable and Light Weight. It is great for new learners or best to practice new skills on Snowboards. As the build quality of M3 Escape is great so it can withstand more than one season.

It is available in three different sizes including 144cms, 149cms, and 154cms. And only available in one color.

Some Best Features of M3 Discord Snowboard:

  • Sixteen Pack Inserts.
  • Flat Camber for lots of snow contact.
  • High gloss finish Matte print overlay.
  • ABS Sidewall Construction.

#5. Millennium Three M3 Star Junior Snowboard

M3 Star Junior are Best Snowboards for Boys and Girls. It is specially designed for Beginner to Intermediate Boys and Girls Riders. It is a Full Cambered Board designed for All Mountain Riding. It is of Twin Shaped. So, It can be used both directions. The all-mountain freestyle twin shaped snowboard provides a balanced riding surface which easy to maneuver, easier in turning and progress on.

This snowboard is available in three different sizes including 130cms, 136cms, and 140cms. Waist width of the snowboard is 24.2cms at 135cms. The Graphics on the board are of high quality.

Some Best Features of M3 Discord Snowboard:

  • Twin Shaped.
  • Extruded P-Tex Base Material.
  • CAP Construction.
  • Soft Flex for easy turns.

#6. M3 Krystal 4 Snowboard For Women

M3 Krystal 4 is a freestyle shaped Snowboard designed for Women. With the weight of 12 lbs, It is durable and it can handle more weight than cheap quality brand’s snowboards. The surface of the board is Digital Sublimated Flood Finish. It is also twin shaped, so, it can be used in both directions however the rider wants it to move.

This product has only one design and available in two different sizes including 145cms and 148cms.

Some Best Features of M3 Krystal 4 Snowboard:

  • Sixteen Pack Inserts
  • Bi-Axial Fiberglass
  • CNC Milled Extruded Die Cut Flip Flop Base
  • CAP Construction

#7. M3 Halo Snowboard Review – For Women

M3 Halo is designed for women with Beginner to Advanced Level skills in snowboarding. EZ Rockr Camber design in this board offers the best blend of style and performance. Same as other boards its core is also made of wood which helps in giving a smoother ride.

This Snowboard is available in only one size of 147cms with only one design. It is weighted around 12 lbs.

Some Best Features of M3 Halo Snowboard:

  • Fiberglass Laminate
  • EZ Rockr Camber design

Are M3 Snowboards Good?

From Personal Experience, If you are new to Snowboarding Sports and looking for great beginners board, then go for M3 Snowboards. They are definitely better than rental boards. And by buying them you can practice snowboarding anytime as they have the low price on for every snowboard compared to other brands. You can also sell them after learning and buy professional and better boards.


So, This was our Review of M3 Snowboard For Men, Women, Boys, and Girls. M3 snowboards are all mid-range, Durable, high quality, High-Performance Snowboards. In this article,  You will find all the M3 Snowboards Review. Now go on and buy the snowboard, Make this season your best ever with M3 Snowboards.