Best Snowboard for Kid Beginners 2024

Snowboarding is an exciting winter sport that kids love to try. Finding the right snowboard can help ensure your child has a great first experience on the slopes. This guide will cover the top-rated snowboards for kid beginners in 2024 based on key factors like size, flexibility, and ease of turning.

Advantages of Starting Kids Snowboarding

Before getting into the board recommendations, let’s first go over some of the major benefits of starting your child in snowboarding lessons and getting them their own beginner board:

Promotes Physical Activity

Snowboarding is a vigorous physical activity that improves balance, endurance, and overall fitness. Kids get great exercise while also having fun gliding down the mountain.

Builds Confidence

Mastering a new activity like snowboarding gives kids a major confidence boost. The sense of achievement when they ride down their first slope is priceless.

Teaches Discipline

Learning proper snowboarding technique requires discipline and determination. Kids learn focus and perseverance as they work on their new skills.

Provides Outdoor Time

Spending time outdoors surrounded by beautiful winter scenery does wonders for health and happiness. It’s a refreshing change from being cooped up inside.

Strengthens Social Skills

Group lessons allow kids to make new friends and develop social abilities. Snowboarding is often more enjoyable with other kids around.

Starting your child in snowboarding this winter will provide tremendous physical, mental, and social benefits. Next let’s look at what to look for in a beginner snowboard.

Factors to Consider in a Kids Beginner Snowboard

Here are the key factors to evaluate when choosing your child’s first snowboard:

Correct Size

Getting the right size board for your child’s height and weight is absolutely crucial. The board needs to be small enough to easily maneuver yet big enough to provide stability.


Kid’s boards should have a soft flex that makes it easy to turn and control. Beginners need very flexible, forgiving boards.

Profile Shape

A flat-to-rocker or full rocker profile shape works best. This gives good edge grip while also making it easier to turn.


You’ll want an affordably priced board since kids grow out of them quickly. Leave the premium boards for when they reach advanced levels.


Vibrant graphics and colors help capture kids’ excitement. Let your child pick a board they find aesthetically fun and appealing.

Keeping these factors in mind, below are the top-rated snowboard options for young beginners in 2024.

2024 Best Kids Beginner Snowboards

1. Burton Riglet Snowboard

Burton Riglet Snowboard

Size Range: 75-110cm

Flex Rating: Extra Soft

Profile: Flat to Rocker

The Riglet board from Burton is specifically designed for total beginners under age 8. The short length and heavy rocker profile combine to make turning and stopping incredibly easy. Ultra-soft flex provides maximum forgiveness for new riders. This board helps kids gain confidence quickly.

2. Rossignol Diva Kids Snowboard

Rossignol Diva Kids Snowboard

Size Range: 110-150cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Flat to Rocker

The Diva board from Rossignol incorporates Amptek Auto Turn technology that makes initiating turns smooth and seamless – perfect for beginners. It has vibrant cosmic graphics to capture kids’ excitement. The full package comes with great beginner boots and bindings. Overall an amazing starter setup.

3. Salomon Rise Girl’s Snowboard

Salomon Rise Girl's Snowboard

Size Range: 110-150cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Rocker/Flat/Rocker

This board from Salomon features the ideal rocker profile and soft flex for new female riders. The graphics have a fun, carefree theme that girls love. It performs fantastically in all conditions and provides a very stable, confidence-inspiring ride. A top choice from a premium brand.

4. Emsco Group RipShred Saucer Sled Snowboard

Emsco Group RipShred Saucer Sled Snowboard

Size Range: One Size

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Flat

For parents looking for an extremely affordable option, the Emsco RipShred Saucer delivers. At only $$ it’s great for young kids who quickly outgrow boards. It has an easy steering mechanism and molded handgrips for control. While not for advanced progression, this gets the job done for casual first-timers.

5. Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard

Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard

Size Range: 90-140cm

Flex Rating: Medium Soft

Profile: Hybrid Rocker

The Drifter from Camp Seven has a hybrid rocker profile with early rise tip and tail to help with turn initiation. The core is durable yet flexible. This board performs well in all conditions and the bold graphics will appeal to young riders. A great mid-priced beginner board.

6. Lucky Bums Beginner Snowboard

Lucky Bums Beginner Snowboard

Size Range: 109-125cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Flat to Rocker

This starter package from Lucky Bums includes bindings and a leash. The board has a classic shape with a forgiving flex. At under $$ it provides great value for parents trying snowboarding on a budget. Ideal for trying out the sport before committing to pricier gear.

7. Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard

Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard

Size Range: 90-140cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Flat to Rocker

Price: $$$

Known for quality kids gear, Burton delivers with the Chopper board. It has an excellent flat to rocker profile and soft flex. Comes with great bindings to get kids set up quickly. Provides incredible stability and control for new riders.

8. System MTN and APX Complete Snowboard Package

System MTN and APX Complete Snowboard Package

Size Range: 110-160cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Hybrid Rocker

This is an complete starter bundle from System that includes board, bindings and boots. The flexible board is very forgiving while the boots provide comfort and warmth. Everything your child needs to hit the slopes at an affordable price. Great value for a full setup.

9. K2 Minishred Snowboard

K2 Minishred Snowboard

Size Range: 90-150cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Flat to Rocker

K2 is another trusted snowboard brand. The Minishred has a perfect flex and profile for small riders. The catch-free edges help kids feel stable learning turns. This premium board will provide performance that lasts beyond the first season.

10. 5th Element Jess Kid’s Snowboard

5th Element Jess Kid's Snowboard

Size Range: 90-140cm

Flex Rating: Soft

Profile: Hybrid Rocker

5th Element delivers a high quality kids board at a budget price. It has a fun outer space graphic design. The hybrid rocker profile offers stability and maneuverability. While inexpensive, this board has great construction and performance ideal for young beginners.

Kids Snowboard Size Chart

To ensure you get the right sized snowboard for your child’s measurements, consult this size chart:

Measure your child’s height and weight then match to the recommended size range. If on the border between two sizes, size down to the smaller range. It’s important beginner boards be on the short side for easier handling.

Kids Snowboard Buying Checklist

When evaluating potential boards, go through this checklist of important criteria:

✅Correct size based on child’s measurements

✅Soft flex suitable for beginners

✅Flat or rocker profile for ease of turning

✅Reasonable price range

✅Fun graphics/colors to build excitement

✅Reputable snowboard brand

✅Positive reviews from other parents

Finding a board that satisfies all the above items will ensure you select a quality, high-performing snowboard that will help set your child up for success on the slopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions parents have when searching for the ideal starter snowboard:

What age should kids start snowboarding?

Kids as young as 3 or 4 can start learning! Many resorts offer specialized instruction for young kids. Most kids are ready to start on their own board around age 6.

What gear does my child need?

At minimum they need a board, bindings, boots, goggles/helmet and winter clothing. Many beginner packages include bindings with the board. Renting gear at first is a good option.

Should I buy new or used equipment?

For your child’s first board, buying new is best. Used boards are harder to verify sizing and may be too worn out for learning. Buy used as kids advance to higher skills.

How much does a beginner kids board cost?

Basic boards range from $100-$200. Mid-range boards from top brands are $200-$400. High-end boards with premium construction run $400+.

How long can a kid use the same snowboard?

Expect to get 1-2 seasons max before your quickly growing child will need a larger board. Advanced riders may use boards longer before needing a higher performance model.

Starting kids in snowboarding is an exciting winter activity that provides immense benefits. With the right beginner board and a fun, encouraging approach, your child will be shredding the mountain in no time! Let us know if you have any other questions.