Best Snowboarding Goggles Under $100 for 2024

Snowboarding is an exhilarating winter sport that is continuing to grow in popularity. Having the right protective gear, especially snowboarding goggles, is essential for both performance and safety on the slopes. High-quality goggles don’t have to break the bank – there are many excellent budget options under $100. As the 2023/2024 snow season approaches, it’s time to check out this season’s top picks for affordable snowboarding goggles packed with features.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Snowboarding Goggles

When evaluating snowboarding goggles for purchase, keep the following key factors in mind:

  • Lens Type – The vast majority of lenses today are either spherical or cylindrical. Spherical lenses offer undistorted optics across the entire lens, while cylindrical provide optimized optics only in certain zones. Cylindrical is typically more affordable.
  • Lens Tint – This affects how much visible light passes through to the eyes. Common options are yellow, rose, amber, or brown tints designed to enhance contrast in different conditions. Mirrored lens coatings also reflect glare.
  • Frame Size/Fit – Goggles must seal tightly to the face to prevent light permeation and maximize anti-fogging properties. Measure your face and compare it to sizing charts to ensure a snug, gap-free fit.
  • Ventilation – Effective venting prevents inner lens fogging and helps regulate temperature. Look for goggles with multiple vents with ventilation membranes to stop air intrusion.
  • Helmet Compatibility – Verify that goggle straps and shape properly integrate with your snowboard helmet.
  • Extra Lenses – Having spare lenses in different tints for varying light conditions is a valuable asset. Some goggles come packaged with extra lens/es.

Keeping these factors and individual needs in mind, below are the top-rated snowboard goggles under $100 this 2023/2024 season:

Goggle Lens Tech Lens Tint Strap Vents Extra Lenses
Smith Squad Cylindrical ChromaPop Everyday Silicone-backed 5 No
Bolle Carve Spherical Mirrored Vermillion Standard 4 Yes
Giro Blok Spherical Rose Vivid Silicone-backed 5 No
Oakley Fall Line Prizm Cylindrical Prizm Snow Jade Silicone-backed 3 No

Below is a more detailed overview of the top 4 budget snowboard goggles in this comparison:

1. Smith Squad Goggles

Smith Squad Goggles
  • Frame Construction – Injection Molded thermoplastic élastomère
  • Helmet Compatibility – Medium to large-size helmets
  • Lens Type – Cylindrical Tapered Lens Technology
  • Lens Tint – ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror
  • Key Features
    • Heat-activated sealed inner lens prevents fogging
    • 5X anti-fog inner lens
    • AirEvac ventilation system with 5 vents
    • Asian fit larger interior for broader facial structure


A long-time favorite in the snowsports world, Smith offers the impressive Squad ChromaPop goggles that excel at filtering light and visual acuity across the entire mountain terrain, from sun to flat light conditions. The cylindrical ChromaPop Everyday lens delivers excellent contrast and depth perception. It has a durable anti-fog inner lens and triple-layer face foam with microfleece lining for comfortable extended wear. The 5-vent AirEvac airflow technology prevents inner lens fogging by moving hot, humid air outward and regulating the inner climate. An excellent choice for all skill-level snowboarders looking for high-performance optics at a very reasonable price point.

2. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles
  • Frame Construction – Thermoplastic urethane
  • Helmet Compatibility – Medium-size helmets
  • Lens Type – Bolle HD Spherical Double Layer
  • Lens Tint – Mirrored Vermillion
  • Key Features
    • Flow-Tech venting system with 4 vents
    • P80+ anti-fog coating
    • Triple-layer face foam with micro-fleece
    • Comes with an extra Amber lens and carry pouch
    • Light-reactive lenses adapt to changing light


Bolle is well respected for durable performance snowsports optics. The Carve goggles offer excellent quality at a very reasonable price. It has a spherical double lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch P80+ coating to maintain clarity. The light-reactive tints automatically adjust to changing light conditions. Triple layer face foam provides a soft comfortable fit with solid helmet integration. The Flow-Tech system has 4 wide flow vents to circulate air and reduce fogging alongside direct airflow ports. A major bonus is the extra amber-colored lens for low light days included along with a storage pouch. For the price, the Bolle Carve hits well above its class with superb optics and useful features.

3. Giro Blok Snow Goggles

Giro Blok Snow Goggles
  • Frame Construction – Flexible urethane
  • Helmet Compatibility – All size helmets
  • Lens Type – Expansion View Spherical
  • Lens Tint – Rose Mirror with VIVID Clarity Enhancement
  • Key Features
    • Super anti-fog lens treatment
    • Extra long strap for wearing over helmet
    • Triple-layer fleece foam face padding
    • Silicone strap backing prevents slippage
    • Locking quick lens change system


Giro steps up this season with the versatile new Blok goggles featuring an extra wide spherical lens optimized for peripheral vision. The Expansion View lens technology provides minimized distortion and enhanced clarity across a semi-custom expanded lens dimension. It has Giro’s premium anti-fog inner lens treatment to prevent fogging and condensation. The super soft triple-layer face foam interface ensures a very comfortable fit. An extra-long strap is designed to fit over a helmet with silicone backing to grip and stay secure in place. The Blok also has a handy locking lens change system for fast swapping if carrying an extra lens. Overall an impressive option blending excellent optics, plush comfort, style, and great value.

4. Oakley Fall Line Snow Goggles

Oakley Fall Line Snow Goggles
  • Frame Construction – Urethane with rigid lens frame
  • Helmet Compatibility – Medium-size helmets
  • Lens Type – Prizm Cylindrical
  • Lens Tint – Prizm Snow Jade Iridium
  • Key Features
    • Prizm lens technology enhances contrast
    • Triple-layer fleece face foam
    • Flexible O Matter chassis conforms to facial structure
    • Silicone backing on strap for non-slip grip
    • F3 anti-fog coating on dual lens


Oakley’s Fall Line goggles incorporates its premium Prizm lens optimized for snow conditions to improve terrain contrast for a sharper vision experience. This cylindrical lens design achieves minimized distortion through precise optical alignment. The chassis shape provides flexibility for adapting around the facial structure while maintaining optic integrity. Triple-layer plush face foam offers lasting run comfort. Overall the Fall Line blends Oakley’s innovative lens technologies with a sharp modern style into an impressive snow goggle that punches above its price point.

Key Takeaways – Best Snowboard Goggles Under $100

Focusing on the lens innovation, ventilation, form factor, and customization needed for comprehensive vision can lead snowboarders to goggles under $100 well equipped for conquering everything the mountain has to offer.