Top Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards in 2024

Snowboarding delivers an incredible adrenaline rush as you carve down the slopes. But hitting the mountain also exposes your hands and wrists to possible injury during falls and tumbles.

Wearing snowboard gloves with integrated wrist guards protects these vulnerable areas from harm. Quality wrist guards stabilize your hands, prevent hyperextension and absorb impact while STILL allowing comfortable movement.

We’ve researched the top snowboard glove models offering both flexibility and wrist protection. Whether you’re a beginner learning to ride or a seasoned veteran pushing your skills, glove wrist guards provide useful insurance against injury.

Read on for our picks of the best snowboard gloves with wrist guards for men, women and youth available in 2024.

Benefits of Wrist Guards on Snowboard Gloves

Before jumping into the top gloves, let’s look at why wearing wrist guards is recommended:

Prevent Sprains and Fractures

Extending your hands to break falls is an instinct, but this risks painful wrist sprains, fractures or dislocations. Integrated splints support your wrists to prevent hyperextension and injury.

Protect During Falls

Wrist guards cushion direct impact against ice and compacted snow during wipeouts. Their structure absorbs force rather than transmitting it to the fragile wrist joint.

Stabilize Landings

Absorbing the shock of landings off jumps helps prevent injury. Wrist guards diffuse impact without restricting normal motion.

Reduce Fatigue

Guards take pressure off the sensitive wrist joint when bearing weight and gripping. This reduces strain that causes fatigue during long days shredding.

Support Weak Areas

If you have any past wrist injuries or weakness, a guard offers extra reinforcement to prevent re-aggravation.

While no substitute for proper technique, quality wrist guards are strongly recommended for snowboarders of all skill levels. Protect yourself while still enjoying flexible glove performance.

Now let’s check out the top snowboarding gloves offering integrated wrist protection for 2024.

Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

1. Demon FlexForce X D3O Snowboard Gloves

Demon’s FlexForce gloves top our list with their flexible and low profile Armortex wrist guards offering D3O impact protection.

Key Features:

  • Ultra low profile Armortex wrist guards with D3O
  • Flex zones allow natural motion during riding
  • Full waterproof and breathable shell
  • Pre-curved design matches hand shape
  • Leather palm improves grip
  • Easy to remove liner for drying

Men needing supple durability choose Demon’s FlexForce for all-day protection that moves naturally with the hands.

2. Burton Gore-Tex Impacter Snowboard Gloves

Burton Gore-Tex Impacter Snowboard Gloves

Burton’s popular Impacter gloves integrate Flextanium wrist guards into a durable and comfortable package.

Key Features:

  • Hidden Flexmeter wrist guards with Flextanium inserts
  • Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable fabric
  • Thermacore insulation keeps hands warm
  • Midweight flexibility balanced with protection
  • Pre-sculpted ergonomic fit

As a trusted brand, Burton adds value through premium materials and construction quality. The Impacter gloves deliver versatile midweight insulation and protection.

3. Level Halfpipe Wrist Guard Gloves

Level Halfpipe Wrist Guard Gloves

These ambidextrous Level gloves offer built-in BioMesh wrist guards in a lightweight shell.

Key Features:

  • BioMesh wrist guards add protection
  • Halfpipe style allows wearing pipe gloves separately underneath
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertip material
  • Premium waterproof and breathable insert
  • Pre-curved design for natural fit
  • Flexible shock absorbing protection

Level made the Halfpipe gloves crossover-friendly for those who prefer tactical glove layers. Wear them solo to guard your wrists or layer them over your favorite pipe gloves.

4. Flexmeter Pro Snowboard Gloves by Zoner

Zoner designed their Flexmeter Pro gloves to move and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all thanks to flexible wrist guards.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Flexmeter wrist protection inserts
  • Pre-shaped design matches hand curvature
  • Water-resistant twill shell with PVC grip
  • Thermal tricot lining retains warmth
  • Fingertip screens allow touchscreen use
  • Velcro closure for secure fit

For lightweight dexterity paired with wrist protection, Zoner’s Flexmeter gloves excel. The barely-there Flexmeters move fluidly with your upper body.

5. Hillbilly Wristguard Adventure Gloves

Hillbilly Wristguard Adventure Gloves

Hillbilly’s wrist guards offer premium protection and weather resistance in a heavy duty glove built for snowy adventures.

Key Features:

  • Bombshelter wrist guards withstand repeated impact
  • Waterproof and breathable Hipora insert
  • Rugged synthetic leather shell
  • Thermoinsulating inner lining for warmth
  • Recurved fingers improve closure
  • Easy on/off leash strap closure

Snowboarders wanting rugged dependability can trust Hillbilly’s sturdy wrist guards to shield hands season after season in the harshest mountain conditions.

Best Women’s Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

1. OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves with Wrist Guards

OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves with Wrist Guards

These wrist-guarded OutdoorMaster gloves deliver waterproof winter protection with an ergonomic women’s specific fit.

Key Features:

  • EVA hard wrist guards prevent injury
  • Waterproof insert keeps hands dry
  • Thinsulate insulation retains warmth
  • Pre-curved women’s shape for better fit
  • Anti-slip reinforced palm
  • Convenient pull loops for easy on/off

OutdoorMaster designed their wrist guards to flex naturally while preventing hyperextension. Women love the insulation and feminine fit providing all-day comfort.

2. MOERDENG Snowboard Gloves with Splint Guards

Moerdeng’s wrist-guarded women’s gloves include thoughtful comfort details like nose wipes and elastic handcuffs.

Key Features:

  • Removable EVA splint inserts
  • Windproof and water-resistant shell
  • Thick thermal fleece insulation
  • Handcuffs seal warmth in and snow out
  • Integrated soft nose wipe
  • Touchscreen capable fingertip material

Female riders appreciate the versatility of removable splints and handy comfort features built into these Moerdeng snowboard gloves.

3. Level Biomex Women’s Halfpipe Gloves

Level Biomex Women's Halfpipe Gloves

These ambidextrous Biomex glove guards by Level allow full dexterity for women along with wrist protection.

Key Features:

  • Biomex shock absorbing wrist guards
  • Windproof water-resistant softshell exterior
  • Brushed tricot liner for lightweight warmth
  • Pre-shaped women’s glove design
  • Rubberized grip improves hold
  • Full touchscreen fingertip conductivity

With their low profile biomex guards and pre-curved women’s fit, Level’s Halfpipe gloves let female riders shred in total control and comfort.

4. Demon Cirque Women’s Snowboard Gloves

Demon Cirque Women's Snowboard Gloves

Demon’s slim Cirque snow gloves deliver the ultimate in low bulk flexibility while integrating hidden wrist protection.

Key Features:

  • Low profile Armortex with D3O wrist guards
  • Seamless Ultralon shell with waterproof insert liner
  • PrimaLoft insulation keeps hands warm
  • Pre-curved women’s shape for better fit
  • Grippy Alpine goat leather palm
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure

The Cirque gloves move seamlessly with a woman’s hands thanks to flexible Armortex guards, promoting comfort all day on the mountain.

5. AKASO Ski Gloves for Women and Youth

AKASO Ski Gloves for Women and Youth

These adjustable wrist-guarded gloves by Akaso suit smaller women’s hands or youth riders.

Key Features:

  • Built-in EVA wrist guards
  • Water repellent coating resists snow
  • Insulating 3M Thinsulate layer
  • Adjustable wrist strap ensures snug fit
  • Reinforced anti-slip palm grip
  • Great for women, teens, and kids

riders1 Men’s Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

GlovesKey Features
Demon FlexForce X D3OFlexible Armortex guards, waterproof, pre-curved fit
Burton Gore-Tex ImpacterHidden Flextanium guards, premium materials
Level HalfpipeBioMesh guards, breathable insert, ambidextrous
Zoner Flexmeter ProLightweight Flexmeter guards, touchscreen compatible
Hillbilly Wristguard AdventureBombshelter guards, rugged waterproof shell

riders2 Women’s Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

GlovesKey Features
OutdoorMaster Ski GlovesEVA guards, waterproof insert, Thinsulate insulation
MOERDENG Snowboard GlovesRemovable EVA guards, handcuffs seal warmth
Level Biomex HalfpipeLow profile Biomex guards, pre-shaped fit
Demon CirqueHidden Armortex guards, PrimaLoft insulation
AKASO Ski GlovesBuilt-in EVA guards, adjustable wrist strap

riders3 Youth Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

GlovesKey Features
Demon Cirque YouthArmortex guards sized for kids, durable shell
Burton Youth ImpacterBurton quality with Flextanium guards for kids
AKASO Ski GlovesAdjustable guards, great unisex sizing for youth
OutdoorMaster Kids Ski GlovesWaterproof glove with EVA guards for boys/girls
Lenz Unisex HEAT 500Windproof glove with unisex fit for all kids

Key Takeaways on Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

  • Integrated wrist guards prevent hyperextension and cushion falls to avoid sprains and fractures.
  • Look for flexible, low profile guards maintaining dexterity, like Demon Armortex or Flexmeter models.
  • Size youth guards to properly fit growing hands or opt for adjustable wrist straps.
  • Waterproof, insulated shells provide all-around mountain protection along with splinting.
  • Try gloves on with your board equipment to ensure sizing allows natural movement.
  • Pair wrist guards with pipe gloves for additional insulation and impact absorption.

Protect yourself from injury this snow season but keep shredding in total comfort with quality wrist-guarded snowboarding gloves. Share your favorites or lessons learned while finding your perfect pair!